Hello. If I was granted asylum in Lithuania, can I travel in Schengen area or I can only stay in Lithuania? Can I work normally without any restrictions? Thanks
Foreigners granted asylum are issued residence permit (permanent or temporary). Foreigners are free to travel in Schengen area.The residence permit allows possibility to work in Lithuania.

Hello, I am a Danish Citizen (EU Citizen), WHO has moved to Lithuania to search for employment. Do I qualify for Lithuanian language training at your institution, or will I have to look elsewhere? Best regards
We provide services to foreigners granted asylum in the Republic of Lithuania. You should look for a training institution yourself.

I am seeking for asylum with my family in Lithunia. How and where to aplly?
You can apply at the border, at any police office or at Foreigners Registration Center.

If I seek for asylum in Protugal and I was rejected, can I seek for aslyum in Lithuania?
Apply to Migration Department under the Ministry of Interior. www.migracija.lt