The Club Of The Mutual Assistance Of The Refugees - Women “Together”

The club of the mutual assistance for the women is a possibility for the refugees - women to gather together and to help each other to solve actual problems.

The members of the club cluster independently. The main idea is to empower the refugees - women to become active. During the meeting of the club there are analyzed the actual problems and their solving and the possibility of the implementation.

The objectives of the club “Together”:

  • To join the women of the different nationalities and religions living in the Refugees Reception Center.
  • To stimulate the activeness of the women participating in the community of the refugees and the public life of Lithuania.

The tasks are implemented achieving the objectives:

  • To explain the rights and the duties for the women of the club.
  • To develop the self-respect and the self-confidence of the women.
  • To rise the problem of the torture in the community of the refugees. To gather and to distribute the information.
  • To collaborate with the different institutions.