A library functions in the Refugees Reception Center. The room and the funds of the books were renewed partly financed by the resources of the project “Active Integration Today – Success Tomorrow” of the European Refugee Fund (according to the program of 2007 of the Fund). The services of the library help to spread humanitarian ideas and the information about the social and other sciences.

The mission of the library is to create the favorable conditions for the coming foreigners to meet the requirements of the information and the culture according to the conditions of the information society, to secure the supply of the information and the documents, to develop the information literacy of the readers.

It is possible to choose different literature, including dictionaries and encyclopedias in the library. Some books are available in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages, so they are available for the foreigners who don’t know the Lithuanian language. There are not only the books, the dictionaries, the encyclopedias, the textbooks but also the newspapers and the magazines in the library. The internet is also available.

The social worker provides services in the library and always helps and advices what book to choose and where to look for the information. The responsible employee helps for the foreigners to translate the unknown words into the understandable language. The foreigners show interest in the Lithuanian history, its past and nowadays, so the social worker chooses cognitive literature for the foreigners and explains how to use it.

Women read mostly fiction in the library. Fiction includes three main forms: a novel, a short story, a tale and a novella. The foreigners show interest in the magazines about the needlework.

Children thumb children’s literature, the older read Lithuanian tales.

Teenagers show interest in the different literature. The most of them look for the additional educational literature, especially use the dictionaries and the encyclopedias. They look for the information in the internet, contact friends in the chatter websites.

Men look for the necessary information in the internet, are interested in books about the business management, read newspapers.