Activity with unaccompanied minors

Information about the provided facilities for the unaccompanied alien minors,  living in the Refugees Reception Center

The unaccompanied alien minors are accommodated in the sector for the unaccompanied minors in the Refugees Reception Center. The guardian represents the rights of the minors. The social workers provide social help. The minors are provided social, educational, psychological and medical help. The guardian and the social workers represent the rights of the minors.

The unaccompanied minors are taught Lithuanian language according to the individual program. The course of the sate language helps the minors to get the essential knowledge of the Lithuanian language and to prepare for the studies at the Lithuanian comprehensive schools. The unaccompanied minors attend comprehensive schools in the district of Jonava.

Some educational and assistance programs are provided in the Refugees Reception Center for the unaccompanied minors:

  • The purpose of the psycho-corrective assistance for the unaccompanied minors is to provide the psychological assistance for the minors, having behavioral and educational problems. The assistance is provided by the determined means by necessity individually or in groups.
  • The purpose of the group of the mutual assistance of the unaccompanied minors is to incorporate the unaccompanied minors of the various nationalities and religions, living in the RRC, for the common activities in the group of the mutual assistance. During the training the minors are taught the skills how to help themselves.

It is helped the minors to know themselves, solving the problem of the identification, typical for the teenagers, to reduce the isolation of the minors who had psychological crisis, providing emotional and psychological assistance using the group therapy.

  • The purpose of the moral education for the unaccompanied minors is to form negative attitude towards the addictions and to stimulate the prevention. During the sessions it is allowed to display the common human values and to motivate the personal and public life, to create the basis of the self-perception and the positive relations to the other people.
  • The purpose of the housecraft is to educate an independent individual, to prepare the unaccompanied minor for the separate life, to stimulate the professional activity, to provide the theoretical and practical skills of the professional action.
  • The course about the Lithuanian society is intended to introduce the culture, the customs, the history, the geographical condition, the economy and the main laws for the unaccompanied minors – asylum seekers.

The sightseeing tours to the museums and the historical places of Lithuania are organized to expand the horizon of the teenagers. There are organized the meetings with the students of the various comprehensive schools of Lithuania.

The employees of the Refugee Reception Center working with the unaccompanied alien minors collaborate with the Children’s Rights Protection Service of Jonava, the comprehensive schools of Jonava and Rukla.