It is painful to lose the native country. Nevertheless it is more painful to understand that you are a refugee, a lonely person, hardly joining a new environment. The adaptation sharpens the psychological condition of the foreigners granted asylum in Lithuania, who participated in the repressions, the military actions, had to starve or had fears. It causes the symptoms of the psychological crisis.

Symptoms of the crisis:

  • sleeplessness;
  • psychosomatic derangement;
  • concentration problems;
  • feeling lonely;
  • various depression;
  • lack of self-confidence;
  • compunction (feeling guilty);
  • mood-swings;
  • irritability;
  • not motivated aggression

A lot of the refugees experienced military actions in their native country. The consequence of this painful experience is past traumatic psycho disorder.

The inhabitants of the Refugees Reception Center, who suffer from the psychological crisis or the past traumatic psycho disorder, are welcome in the room of the psychological consulting.

The Room Of The Psychological Assistance

Our purpose is to provide psychological assistance for the foreigners, living in the Refugees Reception Center, creating a positive attitude towards the further integration into the Lithuanian society.

The tasks:

  • to evaluate the psychological condition, to identify the reasons of the psychological problems;
  • to provide psychological consultation individually or in groups;
  • to develop the skills of the self –knowledge;
  • to create the positive thinking and the motivation for the changes;
  • to develop the skills of the relaxation, to seek after the emotional stability;
  • to teach the psychological methods of the self regulation, to orient for the active integration;
  • to improve the skills of the communication and the adaptation;
  • to observe the changes of the psychological condition, to clarify new specific needs, to choose the psycho corrective means individually;
  • to evaluate the efficiency of the used means, the changes of the emotional changes;
  • to give advice for the further psychological assistance.

    Wishing to help for the foreigners suffering from the psychological problems, we provide:
  • Individual / group psychotherapy;
  • Psychological diagnostics;
  • The course of the Gestalt therapy;
  • Development of the skills of the medical social self-education;
  • Book-therapy;
  • Trainings of the autogenesis;
  • Trainings of the skills of the relaxation and the self regulation;
  • Sessions of the art-therapy (music, art therapy)

The psychological assistance is confidential!