The support for the integration of the foreigners granted asylum in the Refugees Reception Center is provided according to the Order No A1-438 of the Minister of Social Security and Labor of July 3, 2009 “Relating To The Changes Of The Approval Of The Description Of The Support Of The State Of Lithuania For The Order Of The Integration For Foreigners Granted Asylum In The Republic Of Lithuania”. The support for the integration in the Center is provided until 8 months. If during the determined time the foreigners have not prepared for the integration in the municipality because of the objective reasons, the duration can be prolonged until 12 months. If the foreigners granted asylum belong to the vulnerable groups – unaccompanied minors, pregnant women, tortured people, people with mental disorder, people of the retirement age, disabled people, not full families with minors, this period can be prolonged by their request until 18 months. The duration of the support for the unaccompanied minors can be prolonged until he/she gets 18 considering the best interest of the minor. In the unforeseen situation the support in the Center can be prolonged further.

During the support in the center for the foreigners there are provided:

  • social assistance, health care and juridical help;
  • intensive Lithuanian language courses;
  • courses about the Lithuanian society;
  • the evaluation of the personal skills and the suitable work, the courses of the vocational training, the refreshing, searching for a work place together with the Labor Exchange and the local Labor Market Training and Consulting Authority
  • possibility for the pre-school-aged children to attend kindergarten;
  • possibility for the school-aged children to attend comprehensive schools;
  • psychological assistance

The support of the state for the integration in the center can be stopped, if the foreigner:

  • is prosecuted;
  • is arrested;
  • serves his (her) sentence;
  • made an administrative breach of the law and imposed an administrative punishment;
  • was absent from the courses of the Lithuanian language and the courses about the Lithuanian society more than 40 percent without any serious reasons.

During the support of the state in the center the foreigners get monthly the allowance for the food and the other means. The necessary clothes, hygienic things, house wares are provided to the foreigners according to the approved quota.

Every month the foreigners get the allowance for the food and the other means:

  • Bachelor/unaccompanied minor – 245Lt/person
  • Spouse/child– 210 Lt./person